What is the VGDC?
The Video Game Development Club (VGDC) is a student organization on the campus of UC San Diego that aims to bring together students who wish learn about video game development, either professionally or as a hobby. We are a group that helps give people the resources and knowhow necessary to make a full-fledged video game through workshops, tutorials, and lectures. We also help bring together people of different disciplines so that they may form teams and collaborate on the development process.

What does the VGDC do?
We hold events that promote student learning and interaction with the development community at large. Our special events include developer talks, where we bring members of the professional game development community to our campus to speak to students about their work. We also hold a yearly game jam, where students are given a theme and are asked to create a game around that theme in a week. Finally, when a project is completed, we'll help organize and throw a release party to celebrate. The Video Game Development Club (VGDC) is a student organization for aspiring game developers at UC San Diego.

Where and when does the VGDC meet?
Our Fall 2011 location and time have not been determined yet. Check back soon and we should have it pinned down. If you wish you can even pitch in on the forums and help us pick a time that will work for everyone!